Digital Content

No more standard instructions or toolboxes.

Make all your workplace information available through an interactive screen. This ensures that information is always available on the workplace. Employees shouldn't have to use a computer or app on their phones. This is where you as an employer can make a difference to connect your employees.  With a few simple actions, employees always have the right information addressed to them. 

The information on the Safety Communication Tower is always correct and up-to-date. Additional content or updates can easily be added at any stage.

The Safety Communication Tower offers the possibility to place already existing content on the interactive screen. We also can support in formatting the right information. With this, we aim to respond to the need of the customer.

Interactive documents 

Always the most relevant information available.

Quality   Assurance

Easily consultable and visible what live within the organisation.

Simplicity in management

Information is easily replaceable, employees have always the right information.

           Available         24/7

The system is always available for consultation. This allows you to reach all employees within the organisation.