During projects or shutdowns, an important number of activities are carried out by contractors. During this process, it is important that these workers are are aware of all relevant project information. This could include procedures or rules to be respected, but also lessons learned of incidents. The use of the Safety Communication Tower ensure that employees definitely have the information all the time.

All relevant information or communication regarding the project can be specifically addressed to the location where the work is taking place. This allows you to reach all members effectively working on the project. 

External workers can also report incidents or potentially dangerous situations by using the Safety Communication Tower.

Interactive documents

The most relevant information about the project is made available to all the employes.

Quality   Assurance

Accessible an visible whether the information has reached the target audience.

Simplicity in management

Information is easily replaceable, employees always have the right information.

     Available      24/7

The system is always available for consultation. This allows you to reach all employees within the project.