Reach more people through our engaging and interactive 

Safety Communication Towers

Your route to success in safety communication!

Information reaches the target audience

Everyone present on the site will have access to critical safety instructions, not once per year but continuously.

Generate awareness throughout the whole organization

Engaging video content reaches the whole organization.

Measurable impact

We give you access to usage information and help you to integrate this concept in your overall Safety Plan.

Our features

    Everything starts with placing a touchscreen in the workplace!

    Digital content

    • Instruction, tutorials, toolboxes and onepagers 

    • Interactive documents that are easy to consult

    • The right information always on the workplace

    • Quality assurance through registration 

    • Securing knowledge by taking tests

    • Easy sharing of knowledge internally and externally

    • Easy sharing of lessons learned

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    Incident management

    • Integration with the incident tool of the organisation

    • Easy to report incidents of (dangerous) situations

    • Self-reporting without middleman

    • Reporting an analysis dashboard

    • 24/7 available

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    • Necessary information about the project always available

    • External employees have the right information available 

    • External employees can easily report incident or situations 

    • Connect external employees with the values and norm of the organisation

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    • Simple representation of what is going on within the organisation

    • Provides opportunities to respond to employees' needs 

    • Dashboard according to the needs of the organisation

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    What we do

    We make safety communication fun and playful

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